What to Expect

It’s time to give your adventurous attitude some altitude!
Here’s what you can expect when you arrive for a helicopter tour.

Helicopter tour waiting room


When arriving to the airport, please be prepared with a valid I.D. and the matching payment method used to book the flight (credit/debit card). Provide this information to the MyFlight staff upon arrival.
Helicopter Safety

Safety Briefing

A short safety briefing will be provided by our staff or a video provided at the location. The briefing consists of 3 simple rules.

Never walk to the back of the helicopter

The helicopter is equipped with a small spinning blade located at the rear of the aircraft. It is important that passengers NEVER walk to the back, duck under the tail, or approach the rear of the helicopter for any reason. If you must walk around the helicopter, walk out in front.

Buckle seatbelts before liftoff

It is important that all passengers are buckled before departing. You will be handed your seatbelt by our ground crew as you board the aircraft. Please be sure you understand how to operate the seatbelt and it is snug. Do not remove the seatbelt until the helicopter is fully on the ground and you are instructed to by the pilot.

Understand how to use the aircraft doors

The doors will be opened and closed for you by the MyFlight ground crew. You do NOT need to touch the doors. However, it is extremely important you understand the latch and how to disembark. Please watch the safety video or ask the staff at the location to review the opening and closing process.

Helicopter Tour Boarding


Once it is your turn to fly, our staff will call your group by the booking name. Please walk slowly over to the crew member and follow them to the aircraft. Please pay close attention to their instructions and refrain from using your phone until you are buckled and boarded on the helicopter.
helicopter tour ride

During flight

Once airborne feel free to pull out your cell phone and take as many photos or videos as you’d like. Talk to your pilot and ask any questions you have. If you’re ever uncomfortable or would like clarification, feel free to speak up. Our pilots have hundreds of hours flying and are always eager to explain the city or the functions of the helicopter to you! We love sharing the gift of flight and we’re enthusiastic to share our passion and knowledge with those who are interested!
helicopter tour couple

Photos and memorabilia

The experience doesn’t end once the helicopter touches down. After your flight, you can head inside and browse through the photos captured by our on-site photographers. They will capture your best moments in front of the helicopter and walking away from it, allowing you to relive your experience again and again. You can purchase the photos if you like them as a lasting memory of your adventure. Additionally, we have a variety of merchandise for sale, including shirts, key chains, and other trinkets, to commemorate your flight with us. Stop by our gift shop and take home a piece of the unforgettable experience you just had.

Total experience time

~30-90 min*
*Varies depending on tour type and location


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