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Quick Hop

1103 reviews

Quick Hop

1103 reviews
Departs from
Detroit City Airport
11499 Conner Street, Detroit MI 48213

Mon – Tue
Wed – Fri
Sat – Sun

3pm – 8pm
12pm – 9pm


The Detroit Quick Hop helicopter ride is the ultimate choice for first-time flyers and adventure enthusiasts looking for a swift yet exhilarating escapade to the heart of the city and back. While affordability is one of its standout features, the experience it delivers is nothing short of extraordinary. As you step into your private helicopter at the Detroit City Airport, you’re poised for a thrilling journey.

The journey encompasses a thrilling 180-degree turn that unfolds above Detroit’s iconic sports stadiums, granting you a mesmerizing bird’s-eye view of both Ford Field and the bustling Comerica Park. It’s a chance to see familiar places from an entirely new perspective, and it’s a ride that opens the doors to the pure joy of helicopter flight, making it accessible to everyone.

This ride is often chosen by families or those who are taking their first step into the world of aviation. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your wings and experience the exhilaration of flying. As the Detroit Quick Hop ride takes off, you’ll feel the excitement build, and as you soar above the city, every moment becomes a memorable part of your journey.

The Detroit Quick Hop ride transcends the boundaries of a conventional ride; it’s an integral chapter of your personal story, filled with moments of discovery, wonder, and the sheer joy of taking flight. The experience lingers long after you touch solid ground, and may leave you with a newfound love for adventure from above.


What to expect on your flight.

Detroit Quick Hop Ride Path

The general route your helicopter will follow.

Detroit Quick Hop Helicopter Flight Path

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by My Flight Tours. Please be aware that “GAME DAY ROUTES” will be in effect during all Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions home games.

ICONIC SIGHTS ON THe detroit quick hop


Take off

The tour kicks off with an exhilarating takeoff. First-timers feel the thrill of flight as the cityscape shrinks below, promising an unforgettable journey through the Motor City. Get ready for a new perspective!

detroit helicopter take off from airport

Comerica Park

Look down on Comerica Park, where the Tigers play. Witness Detroit's baseball passion from a unique angle. The stadium's energy and design come alive beneath you.

Detroit Comerica from helicopter

Ford Field

Above Ford Field, feel the football fever. The tour includes a thrilling 180 turn for an unmatched view of this modern coliseum, where epic plays and roaring crowds define Detroit's passion for the game.

detroit stadiums

View of Downtown

From outside the boundaries of downtown, the view from the east side captures all of Detroit. The skyline stands tall, showcasing the entire city!

Detroit downtown from helicopter


All flights depart from
Detroit City Airport
11499 Conner St, Detroit, MI 48213

Flight Packages

Customize your flight experience.


Enhance your experience with our luxurious package, offering professional photography and champagne to savor before or after your flight. Whether it's a romantic evening or a momentous occasion, our indulgent package is the perfect choice to elevate your experience.


Capture the memories of a lifetime with our exclusive package that includes professional photos, two stylish MyFlight t-shirts, and two MyFlight drawstring bags. These mementos are the perfect way to commemorate your bucket list experience and relive the thrill of your flight for years to come.

Flight Add-ons

A little extra dose of personalization.

Dozen Roses

The Rose Bouquet add-on is a romantic option for customers who want to surprise their loved one with a dozen long-stemmed roses waiting inside the helicopter. This is a great way to add an extra touch of romance to a special occasion or celebration. This add-on is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation to your partner and make the helicopter tour an unforgettable memory for both of you.


The Doors Off Package is an exhilarating experience that involves removing the doors of a helicopter during a flight. This package is perfect for thrill seekers who want to enjoy a unique and breathtaking view from above. For a fee of $100, passengers can enjoy a thrilling ride while feeling the wind in their hair and experiencing an unobstructed view of the landscape below. This package offers a unique and exciting way to see the world from a different perspective, and is sure to provide an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure.


All flights depart from
Detroit City Airport
11499 Conner St, Detroit, MI 48213


General details before you lift off.

Before You Book

Here are a few guidelines all flights follow.

*Booking passenger must present the credit/debit card that was used to book the flight and a valid ID that matches the booking. If you are unable to present, you will be DENIED YOUR FLIGHT.


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