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Traverse City
Quick Hop

132 reviews

The perfect introduction to helicopter flight over the crystal clear waters of The Grand Traverse Bay.

time in flight 10 miles of flight
 Grand Traverse Bay
 Downtown Traverse City
+2 more…

Perfect for

 Families and group outings
 Budget friendly option


Traverse City
Bay Tour

78 reviews

A breathtaking flight over the Grand Traverse Bay and the beautiful vineyards and wineries.

time in flight 24 miles of flight
 Grand Traverse Bay
Vineyards & Wineries
+4 more…

Perfect for

Once in a Lifetime Views
 Anniversary Celebrations


Traverse City
Torch Lake

59 reviews

Get ready to be amazed by the crystal clear waters in the Traverse City area. Truly remarkable!

time in flight 35 miles of flight
 Elk Lake
Torch Lake
+2 more…

Perfect for

Water and boating enthusiasts
camera icon Fantastic photo opportunities


Traverse City
Sleeping Bear Dunes

40 reviews

Experience the beauty of Northern Michigan like never before! This ride takes you above the most spectacular sights in the region.

time in flight 60 miles of flight
 Mackinac Bridge
Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
+10 more…

Perfect for

Once in a Lifetime Views
 Anniversary Celebrations


Everything you should know about helicopter rides in Traverse City

MyFlight Tours & T.C. Helicopters

MyFlight Tours is a rapidly growing helicopter tour company based in Michigan that began its journey in 2019. With their roots in Detroit, they have now expanded their operations across the state of Michigan (and beyond), offering breathtaking helicopter tours in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Allegan, St. Ignace, and the iconic Mackinac Island. Their unique tours provide visitors with the opportunity to explore Michigan from a completely different perspective, soaring high above the skyline to witness some of the most stunning scenery and landmarks Michigan has to offer.

T.C. Helicopters is a Traverse City-based helicopter tour company that has been in operation for over a decade. They specialize in offering sightseeing tours of the beautiful Traverse City area, showcasing its stunning scenery and unique attractions from above. With a fleet of well-maintained helicopters and a team of experienced pilots, T.C. Helicopters has built a reputation for providing safe, comfortable, and memorable tours to visitors and locals alike.

As the largest helicopter tour operator in Michigan, MyFlight Tours is thrilled to add Traverse City to our list of cities and continue the legacy of T.C. Helicopters while also bringing our own unique touch to the experience. We can’t wait to show visitors the breathtaking views of Traverse City from above.

Booking and flying are a breeze

At MyFlight Tours, we understand that some of the most thrilling and unforgettable experiences can happen spontaneously, without months of planning. That’s why we offer a quick, easy, and hassle-free booking process for our helicopter rides. Our same-day bookings allow you to indulge in a spur-of-the-moment adventure and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Our booking process is effortless and flexible, catering to your convenience. You can book your helicopter ride through our user-friendly online booking platform or by calling our friendly and attentive customer service team. We make it our priority to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for our customers.

When you arrive at our location, you’ll notice the buzzing excitement in the air. Our check-in process is brief, and our dedicated staff is always on hand to ensure your comfort and safety. Our safety briefing ensures that you feel safe and at ease before boarding the helicopter. With the freedom to book a ride with us anytime, you can make a last-minute surprise for your loved ones or treat yourself to a thrilling adventure without the hassle of extensive planning.

At MyFlight Tours, we guarantee that booking a helicopter ride will be an experience to remember. Whether it’s an anniversary celebration or just a thrilling excursion, our rides offer stunning views of Traverse City that you won’t see from anywhere else. Book your ride today and join us for an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.

An experience unlike anything else

We promise that our helicopter rides in Traverse City are an unparalleled experience that will take your breath away. It’s a unique and unforgettable adventure that promises to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just want to do something out of the ordinary, our helicopter rides are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is sure to impress. It’s the perfect way to cap off your trip to Traverse City or add some excitement to your routine. Flying with us is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and witness stunning landscapes and iconic landmarks from a whole new perspective. So why not take a chance, and experience the thrill of soaring over the Cherry Capital in a way you’ve never done before?

T.C. Quick Hop

Experience the excitement of a helicopter ride with our T.C. Quick Hop – the perfect introduction to the world of helicopter tours. This ride is ideal for first-time riders who are looking to dip their toes into the world of aerial adventure. Be warned though, you’ll be hooked from the moment you take off and may find yourself booking another flight as soon as you land.In addition to being ideal for first-time riders and thrill-seekers, the T.C. Quick Hop helicopter ride is also an excellent option for families looking for a fun and affordable adventure.

At just $55 per person, this ride provides a unique opportunity to see Traverse City’s most iconic landmarks from a bird’s eye view, without breaking the bank. Parents can take their children on a memorable and exciting adventure, without worrying about the cost.

Fly over 10 miles of the stunning Grand Traverse Bay and marvel at Traverse City’s most iconic landmarks from a whole new perspective. Our skilled pilots provide engaging commentary throughout the ride, making it an educational experience as well as a thrilling one. With memories that will last a lifetime, this ride is the perfect way to discover the magic of helicopter tours.

Traverse City Bay Ride

Discover the beauty of Traverse City’s stunning bays and award-winning vineyards on our exclusive Bay ride for just $100 per person. As you soar high above the ground in our comfortable helicopter, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the East and West Bays, which stretch out on either side of the picturesque peninsula just north of the airport. Gaze in wonder at the endless expanse of lush vineyards, with row upon row of grapes waiting to be transformed into delicious local wines.

Our expert pilot will guide you on an unforgettable journey that will take you along the vineyard-covered strip, where you can marvel at the stunning natural beauty of the region from a unique perspective. No matter which side of the helicopter you’re on, you’ll have an unparalleled view of the crystal-clear waters of the bays below.

As you make your way back to the airport, you’ll fly over the Cherry Festival park, where you can catch a glimpse of the excitement and joy that fills the air during the annual celebration of this beloved local fruit. This tour is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of Traverse City’s bays and vineyards from a bird’s eye view, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Bay and Winery Tour today and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.

The Torch Lake Ride

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary flying adventure over some of Michigan’s most stunning and pristine lakes. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to take in awe-inspiring views of East Grand Traverse Bay, Elk Lake, Lake Skegemog, and the illustrious Torch Lake and its iconic Torch Lake Sandbar.

From high up in the sky, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the crystal-clear waters of these lakes and appreciate the natural splendor of the surrounding areas. You’ll be flying in absolute comfort and style in our top-of-the-line helicopter, offering you a unique and unforgettable perspective of the lakes.

This tour is an absolute must for those looking to witness the beauty of Northern Michigan’s picturesque lakes in an entirely new way.

The Sleeping Bear Dune Ride

Get ready to experience the rugged beauty of Northern Michigan and the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park from an unforgettable perspective. This 60-mile tour takes you on a thrilling journey through some of the most spectacular sights in the region, providing an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

From take-off, you’ll experience stunning views of Grand Traverse Bay and Downtown Traverse City, the heart of Northern Michigan. As we fly over Glen Lake, you’ll be mesmerized by the crystal-clear water and the vibrant green forests surrounding it. The view is a sight to behold, and it will leave you breathless with wonder.

But the highlight of this tour is undoubtedly the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. From 2,000 feet above, you’ll witness the vastness of these natural wonders as they stretch out before you, leaving you in awe of the sheer beauty of the landscape. The towering dunes create a dramatic contrast against the deep blue of Lake Michigan, and the view is nothing short of breathtaking.

This is the ultimate must-do tour for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure and a chance to marvel at the natural wonders of Northern Michigan. The experience is absolutely unforgettable, and you’ll cherish it for a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the raw beauty of Northern Michigan from a unique perspective.

Doors Off Package

Adventure seekers, get ready for the ultimate Traverse City helicopter experience! Our doors-off package is custom-tailored for thrill-seekers like you who want to take their tour to the next level. With the doors removed (think Jeep-style!), you’ll feel the wind rushing past you and the cool breeze on your skin. This heart-pumping ride offers an adrenaline rush like no other as you soar high above the crystal-clear blue waters and picturesque landscapes of Traverse City. Get ready to make unforgettable memories and experience breathtaking views that will take your breath away. Don’t settle for an ordinary helicopter ride – choose our doors-off package for a truly unforgettable adventure.

Your safety matters

Our top priority at MyFlight Tours is safety. Our pilots undergo extensive internal and FAA-regulated commercial training, including emergency procedures. Our entire staff, from ground to air, treats safety as paramount. All aspects of the experience, from boarding to unloading, are run by the book. Maintenance is also a top priority, with helicopters electronically logged and rigorously inspected every 50-500 hours of flight time by our expert staff located in Detroit. We are proud of our zero-incident record and committed to maintaining it.

Booking online is quick and easy

Are you ready to book? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Simply scroll down to explore our three ride options to decide which is the best for you. Then, select your preferred departure date, flight time, and the number of passengers. Once you have confirmed your booking and payment details, you will receive an email confirmation with all the necessary details, including what to expect on the day of your flight. Our online booking system is user-friendly and streamlined, so you can book your helicopter ride in just a few minutes. No need to plan months in advance or make complicated arrangements – with MyFlight Tours, you can book your helicopter ride on a whim, even for same-day bookings. So what are you waiting for? Book your helicopter ride today and experience the thrill of flying over stunning landscapes and crystal clear waters of Traverse City!

Call ahead for walk-up availability

We welcome walk-up passengers, but to avoid any disappointment, we recommend calling ahead to check on availability. While online bookings ensure your flight is confirmed, we understand that some prefer to book over the phone or in-person. Our staff will be happy to assist you with your booking and answer any questions you may have. Please note that we do not sell single tickets, but you can still fly solo by purchasing two tickets. Our team will do their best to accommodate you at your desired time, so feel free to give us a call to check on availability.



Don’t just take our word for it. View our ever-growing list of happy fliers.

Bree Hamm
Jan, 2024
Read More
We took the Christmas lights tour and it did not disappoint. We enjoyed every second of the flight. Cal was our pilot and he was awesome. Pointed things out and was sure to give both sides of the chopper equal "view love."
We would absolutely do this again. Thank you, My flight for a great trip
Us Mc
Dec, 2023
Read More
I wanted to take my son up and see the lights. It was a short and very exciting trip!! Well worth the money spent for a memory we will both cherish! Abby was excellent with her customer service!
Shoua Yang
October, 2023
Read More
It is so worth the experience. it is so amazing to see how everything looks from above. It was my first along with my bf. And we both loved it! Our captain Lucas was incredible! Very informative. Will definitely come back again. but I honestly have to say, I don't think it was a 20 mins ride like we paid for.
Kandice Ramirez
November, 2023
Read More
Did the My Flight for the first time for my daughter 20th bday. Our pilot was Lucas and he was super friendly and knowledgeable. He handled the helicopter flawlessly! Would definitely recommend the experience...
something fun and different to do! Weather was also perfect!
S Nagi
September, 2023
Read More
All the staff were extremely nice. Spoke loud and clear and made sure we were safely boarded &vice versa. Our pilot, Kory, did an amazing job with the ride. Kept conversation light and humorous. Informed us when coming up on main buildings/landmarks. Made our first helicopter ride a memorable one! Cant wait to fly with them again!
Susan Harder
November, 2023
Read More
This was so much fun. Our pilot Sergio knows the city well. My only wish was, I should have upgraded to a longer flight. Well worth the cost.
Michael Scott
January, 2024
Read More
Abby rob and Leon were awesome. Super friendly and made the process easy for beginners. Highly recommend at 4:50 for a good sunset and seeing the Christmas lights was magical. Go Abby rob and Leon
Michelle Smigiel
June, 2023
Read More
Lucas was a great pilot. Very fun and engaging. We had a wonderful flight. All of the staff was friendly and very helpful. The ride was also very smooth. A truly unique and fun experience.
Shanel Henry
September, 2023
Read More
We had a fantastic time on our flight tour! Sam was an awesome pilot, she made us feel very comfortable. We had the doors of experience and it was well worth it! It was such a fun dye night for my husband and I. We look forward to doing it again!
Brandon Martin
August, 2023
Read More
This was one of the most AMAZING experiences here in Detroit. Our pilot was SAM and she was GREAT! Very knowledgeable of the city and its historical landmarks. Would highly recommend and will be doing again👍🏾👍🏾 …


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Traverse City helicopter ride path

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.

Traverse City helicopter ride path

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.

Traverse City helicopter ride path

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.

Fly Now. Pay Later.

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