Downtown Detroit Helicopter Tours

Looking for a unique way to see Detroit?

All tours take place out of Detroit City Airport – 11499 Conner St. Detroit, MI 48213

All tours displayed are standard flights. You can customize any tour to maximize your experience! Just contact us and we’ll be able to help.

Downtown Detroit Quick Hop

Experience Downtown Detroit from an unforgettable perspective! Fly directly over some of Detroit’s most notable locations while experiencing the thrills of a heated private helicopter ride.

  No Age Minimum

  $55 per person – 2 person minimum 

 Detroit City Airport 

Detroit and Canada Tour

Fly down the Detroit River while you get to experience the city of Detroit and Windsor like never before as you soar above the city’s most iconic landmarks from the comfort and style of a heated private helicopter. From The Renaissance Center to Motor City Casino and all of Detroit’s sports stadiums – this tour has it ALL!  

  No Age Minimum

  $100 per person – 2 person minimum 

 Detroit City Airport 

Detroit Champagne Tour

Let’s step your flight up a few levels! Imagine soaring through the sky, amazed by the breathtaking views of Detroit at night, all while sipping on a glass of champagne. This tour takes you to Belle Isle, up the Detroit River and over The Ambassador Bridge before soaring over the city. It truly does not get better than this! Must be 21 years or older to have the champagne and ID will be required by all participants upon arrival.

  No Age Minimum

  $150 per person – 2 person minimum 

  Detroit City Airport

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