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All tours start and finish at
Detroit City Airport

St. Ignace Bridge helicopter tour path
All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by MyFlight Tours.
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Weather insurance +$50

Make sure you’re covered in case mother nature disapproves of us flying.  Weather insurance garentees you will receive a full refund on the cost of your ticket if we cancel your flight due to weather.  If you do not have this insurance and the weather is below our flight minimums, you will be issued a flight credit or rescheduled.  We recommend weather insurance for anyone that is visiting from out of town or staying only for a short time without the luxury of flying on a different day.

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If you have ever experienced a Northern Michigan sunset, you know there is absolutely nothing else like it. Now imagine seeing the sun setting over the Mackinac Bridge from 1,000 feet above. On our Sun Setter Tour, you will have uninterrupted views of The Mackinac Bridge, The Straights of Mackinac, Downtown St. Ignace, and The East Moran Bay all at the most beautiful time of day!
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Taxes and fees excluded from price listed.


If you need to cancel your flight please contact booking@myflighttours.com and provide the first and last name on the booking as well as the reference number.

Cancellations within 7 days of your scheduled flight are not permitted. Should you choose to cancel within the 7 days of your original booking, no refunds will be issued.

This includes bookings made within the 7-day cancellation window.

Refunds will not be given for weather if your flight has already been rescheduled.

No-shows will be charged in full, with no refund or flight credit.


If you need to reschedule your flight please contact booking@myflighttours.com and provide the first and last name on the booking, the reference number, and the date and time you would like to be rebooked for.

If you choose to reschedule more than 24 hours before your scheduled departure, it is free.

If you chose to reschedule within 24 hours from your scheduled departure, we charge a flat rate of $25 per reschedule.

No rescheduling changes may be made to your flight within 2-hours prior to take off. If you are unable to make your flight, it will be considered a no-show with no refund.

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Common questions riders have

When to arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking. If you are more than 25 minutes late for your schedule time, you may be subject to a $25 late fee which must be paid before taking your flight.

Reservation time-slot

The reservation time slot that you choose during checkout is the time that your group must arrive to check-in for your flight. It is NOT the guaranteed time your group will go up in the air.

Wait times vary.

Upon arriving at the airport, you will be checked in by a staff member and added to our queue. Our staff will let you know the approximate wait time and let you know when it is your turn to fly.

Flight paths

All flight paths are subject to change due to FAA Regulations, weather, or other reasons deemed necessary by My Flight Tours.

More than 3 riders

We require a minimum of two passengers to fly. Per trip, we can take up to three passengers. If you are a party of more than 3 we can divide your party into equal groups.

What to wear

You can wear whatever makes you most comfortable. The helicopter has both heat and air conditioning, which allows us the ability to keep passengers comfortable no matter what the season is.

What if the weather is bad?

We will never fly in unsafe conditions. Safety is our top priority which is why our pilots closely monitor the weather at all times. There can be times when incremental weather makes it unsafe to fly (poor visibility, strong winds, heavy rain, etc). If any modifications need to be made to your flight, we will contact you. Should this occur, we will reschedule based on availability. If you have already rescheduled your original booking, there are no refunds for weather.

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