Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Where do we go for our tour?

After booking your tour, you will receive an email confirmation with your tickets and all information you need to know for your flight. On your tickets will be the airport address. Upon arriving at the airport, a MI Flight Aviation employee will be there to greet you and prepare you for your flight.

What time should I arrive?

Arrival times depend on which tour you book, please check the tour booking pages for specific information. If you have a pre-booked flight, we ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes early. We ask that each passenger be prompt as when one flight is behind, it interferes with the schedule for the remainder of the day.


If you have booked for an “open-booking” tour, you will be able to fly with us any time during our operating hours which will be listed on your ticket. Upon arriving at the airport, a staff member will check you in and add you to our wait list.

Are your pilots trained?

All of our pilots are FAA Commercially certified pilots. Our staff is incredibly professional and we have safety at the forefront of our operation. Our passenger and pilot safety is our number one priority.

Is it safe?

We are proud to say that we have a ZERO incident and accident record. Safety had been and always will be our top priority.

All passengers receive a safety briefing prior to getting on or near the helicopter. This gives an understanding of how we operate and what can be expected during a ride. Furthermore, our ground crew unloads and loads each and every passenger to ensure that each passenger is safe while approaching and entering the helicopter.

Prior to take – off, seat-belts are checked by the ground crew and the pilot checks in with all passengers to ensure they are all comfortable and ready to take – off.

How many people can fit in the helicopter?

For tours, we are able to take up 3 riders at a time. We kindly ask that there are at least two individuals in the helicopter for a tour. If you are a single rider, we should be able to accommodate you by pairing you with a group of two.

Can children fly?

We know that parents and guardians know their children better than we do. We always say that if you are comfortable having your child fly, we are. We have no age requirements, we only require that children 24 months and under to be placed in a parents lap and children 24 months and older have their own seat.

Can I take photos?

Photos are encouraged!  You will get an entirely new view of the world on your tour.  Be sure to tag us if you share them on social media, we love seeing your photos!

I see there are tours in different locations. How does this work?

We have a variety of locations across the state of Michigan. Our tours are typically seasonal and the various tour types and locations depend on which season it is. To see our current available tours please head to our locations page.

How long are the flights?

Our flights vary in length and duration. Length of flights are based off of price. The more expensive the flight, the longer it is. Each location has a variety of flights to chose from at different price points. For specific location information, please contact us and we would be happy to provide further information.

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